FAQ’S - ROCKSLIDERS                                                                    

What are SCF Rocksliders made of?

Our SCF Rocksliders are made of an Australian mild steel.

What’s the difference between a Standard size Rockslider and a Fatboy Rockslider?

Our SCF STANDARD Rocksliders use a 48 x 3.2mm outer tube and a 50 x 50 x 3mm main rail.
Our SCF FATBOY Rocksliders use a 63 x 4mm outer tube and a 50 x 75 x 73mm main rail. This gives that large chunky look to suit those big, lifted rigs.

Does the Fatboy Rockslider guarantee more protection than the Standard?

In short, no. Both sizes are as durable and tough as the other.

What is Checker Plate and why do I need it?

It's a 2mm thick steel checker plate, welded to the top of the Rockslider to provide more grip when using as a step. It also provides extra protection for your vehicle by stopping stones and sticks from coming up through the open tube. 

What is Skid Plate and why do I need it?

It's a 5mm thick steel smooth plate, welded to the bottom of the Rockslider to provide extreme protection against heavy impacts on rocks and banks. It also provides more flat surface area to reduce hang ups while sliding over jagged terrain. It's extra protection for your vehicle by stopping stones and sticks from coming up through the open tube. The skid plate includes 2 cut outs for easy placement of high lift jacks. 

What is the difference between the powder coat finishes?

Our Satin Black has a smooth, shiny finish whereas our Sahara is a black, textured, matte finish.

When do I choose the Body lift option?

PLEASE NOTE: A Body Lift is vastly different from a Suspension Lift. If you have installed a 2-inch Suspension Lift Kit e.g., springs and shocks, you DO NOT require this option. If you have installed a 2-inch Body Lift Kit e.g., Lift Blocks between the chassis and the body, you will need to choose the Body Lift option.

Does powder coat have a warranty? How do I look after my Rocksliders?

Unfortunately, we do not cover powder coating as they are an item used outside in all types of terrain and natural weathers and are not covered by our suppliers, Dulux & Jotun either. We recommend using a touch up paint for any scratches to deter rust setting in. Once any sort of chip or scratch is present, it only takes the smallest amount of water or residue to get underneath and start flaking the coating away. Numerous things can do this, such as not having mud flaps on your car means you are essentially blasting them just by driving down the road. Driving your vehicle on the beach and not washing afterwards. Using a pressure washer too close. Unfortunately, we cannot be sure as to how they are being used and therefore cannot offer any warranty on our powder coating finishes.  

Do you offer colour coding?

If you are after a specific colour you will need to order a RAW/UNPAINTED set and find a local powder coater.

Are your Rocksliders hard to fit myself?

Most of our Rocksliders work on a 3, U-bracket system that fits around your chassis rail and bolts over the top. All orders come with the neccessary bolts to fit yourself.

Are your Rocksliders ADR compliant?

Always check your local registration/modification rules for product compliance. All SCF Rock Sliders are ADR Compliant. 

How long does my order take after I’ve paid?

All our Rocksliders are made to order with your chosen specifics. Your order may take some weeks to be ready for shipping depending on the current demand. Please email us at sales@scfabworks.com.au to see what the current lead time is.

Why is my order taking longer than the ETA?

Please be patient. We are a small business, and we work hard to ensure our lead times are kept. Sometimes there are factors out of our control that come into play that can extend the wait time (think COVID, machine disruptions and even the weather for our powder coating). Please send an email for any orders that are past the usual 8 week lead time.


FAQ’S - TUBRACKS                                                                          


How much weight does your Tubrack hold?

Our Tubracks are strong enough to hold up to 250kgs stationery and 150kgs in motion.

What size frame do I need?

The Mini Frame is great for spare tyre storage on a standard size Ute. The Standard Frame is suitable for all models of regular Utes. The XL Frame is suitable more for your larger models like Rams and Silverado’s.

What leg height should I choose for a rooftop tent?

Our most popular size for a rooftop tent is 17cm. This allows for plenty of room underneath for storage and won’t push your tent too high over your cab height to stop wind drag. For a more low profile choose our 12cm option. Our highest leg, 29cm, can be used to store larger underneath items such as fridges.

Will your Tubrack fit on my roller shutter set up?

Our Tubracks Kits will only work on a standard tub. They will not work with a Wildtrack/roller shutter or any type of retractable cover.


FAQ's - SHIPPING                                                                             


How is my order packaged?

Our Rocksliders are firstly bubble wrapped, then wrapped in cardboard, followed by being black wrapped separately. The pair are then strapped to a single skid pallet for easy lifting with a forklift.

Our Tubracks are bubble wrapped and then wrapped in cardboard with strapping to secure. The legs and/or rails are packaged in cartons per option. 

All accessories are bubble wrapped. Depending on the size, they will either be in a carton or a satchel. For all of our smaller accessories we ship with Australia Post.

Why is there a price difference between the Rockslider delivery options?

When we book your order the freight companies now charge dependant on the ease of delivery. This means they charge more to deliver to a residential address as its usually larger trucks trying to navigate smaller suburban roads. It is also due to the truck needing to have a tailgate lift to get the pallet off the truck. A commercial/business address is always the most cost effective option. We have multiple freight companies we use at the ttime of booking.  Please note - If you run a business from home you will need to choose the residential option, otherwise your order will be delivered to a nearby depot of our choosing.

How will I know when my order is ready?

Once your order is booked for shipping, you will receive an email with the chosen freight company, reference number and date of collection. You can then use that reference number in the freight companies website to follow your order. 

How long will it take for my order to reach me?

The general rule of thumb for deliveries to the East coast are 3-5 business days, West coast/Tasmania 5-10 business days. All of our deliveries will have Authority To Leave unless you specify differently in your delivery instructions.

What if my delivery is taking longer than expected?

If you are concerned with how long your order is taking to reach you once shipped, please contact the freight company with your reference number direct. Most of the time it is due to a driver yet to be allocated. Alternatively you can contact us by email.



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